Driving in Winter Weather

Driving in winter weather can come with all sorts of unexpected dangers – slick roads, stranded vehicles, limited visibility and more. Keep these 5 tips...
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AIA Contract Revised for 2017

AIA has been an industry leader in providing form contracts to the construction industry for over 100 years. Every ten years their documents are revised...
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Scaffolding Safety Tips

High rise or multi-level construction is common these days and presents many potential dangers, one of which is scaffolding accidents. It is estimated that 2.3...
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Appeals: Kansas Supreme Court

Next in Morefield Speicher Bachman’s series on law for non-lawyers, is a discussion about appeals in Kansas.  This article will look at what the appellate courts do...
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Missouri Lien Law 201

From the Court of Appeals of Missouri, Eastern District, came a case of “first impression,” on 2 different issues concerning mechanic’s liens in Missouri. The...
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Court Funding Crisis

We created this blog to provide timely and useful information about important legal issues. As a rule, we stay away from politics. This is one of...
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