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October 20, 2017

Creating a Company Culture of Safety

It’s no secret that construction work is dangerous. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1 in every 5 fatalities in private industry is in the construction sector. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction site fatalities have been consistently on the rise. In 2015 alone, there was a 4% increase in […]

Construction Law
August 25, 2017

New Law Provides Payment Protection for Kansas Subcontractors and Suppliers

  In April, important payment protections were put in place for subcontractors and suppliers for public work projects that were financed by public-private partnerships. This new law provides that a contractor with a prime contract for over $100,000 on a public-private project must provide both payment and performance bonds. This law was initiated by the […]

Construction Law
August 8, 2017

Tips to Avoid Struck-By Accidents on the Construction Site

Tips to Avoid Struck-by Accidents We all recognize that construction is a dangerous business. There are countless ways that someone can get hurt. One significant danger is struck-by accidents. A struck-by accident is caused when a worker is struck by an object. These types of accidents are one of the leading causes of construction injuries […]

Construction Law
July 12, 2017

AIA Contract Revised for 2017

AIA has been an industry leader in providing form contracts to the construction industry for over 100 years. Every ten years their documents are revised to keep up with changes in the law. In 2017, a significant amount of their documents were updated. One frequently used AIA contract form that underwent substantial change was the “General […]

Construction Law
May 30, 2017

Scaffolding Safety Tips

High rise or multi-level construction is common these days and presents many potential dangers, one of which is scaffolding accidents. It is estimated that 2.3 million workers (over 65% of all construction workers) spend at least part of their time on scaffolding. Constructing and using scaffolding for a project presents numerous hazards to workers. According […]

Construction Law
April 21, 2017

Prepare for Compliance – OSHA Silica Regulations Explained

Back in March of 2016, OSHA published a regulation that requires construction employers to limit worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Silica can be dangerous when inhaled by construction workers, causing lung disease and even cancer. Silica dust is frequently found where things like cutting, grinding, sawing, drilling or crushing is taking place. This fine […]

Business Law Issues, Construction Law
May 20, 2016

Missouri Mechanic’s Lien – Subcontractors Protect Your Lien Rights

In Missouri, subcontractors, skilled laborers, and materials suppliers who are not paid for their work, have a right to file a Mechanic’s Lien against commercial real property for work performed or materials delivered to the project, when the work and/or materials was for purposes of improving upon the property.  Sounds simple enough right?  Almost but not quite.  […]

Construction Law
December 4, 2015

Federal Construction Contractors Beware!

There are huge differences in bond claim requirements when working on federally financed projects. If you’re a contractor or subcontractor on a federal funded project…do not presume federal law is the same as the state law that you may be accustomed. Most of the bigger differences come from the timing and notice provisions when you […]

Construction Law
November 10, 2015

Missouri Lien Law 201

From the Court of Appeals of Missouri, Eastern District, came a case of “first impression,” on 2 different issues concerning mechanic’s liens in Missouri. The case is Midwest Floor Co. v. Micelli Development Co., 304 S.W.3d 243 (Mo. Ct. App. E.D. 2009), for those who care to find and read the entire case. Various plaintiffs […]

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