Employment with Morefield Speicher Bachman, LC

Employment with Morefield Speicher Bachman, LC

If you’ve found your way to this page, then you’ve probably taken a look around our website and learned a little bit about the attorneys, paralegals, and assistants at Morefield Speicher Bachman, LC.  Maybe you’re wondering about employment with MSB.  Let us tell you a little about the type of people we want to join our team.  If you want to be a highly valued part of a law firm, help people, and do more than just show up for work every day, keep reading.


The Person We Want to Hire

  • Has a passion for helping people and wants to contribute to the success of the firm’s clients and the firm
  • Is reliable with a strong work ethic and proven dependability
  • Plans to use the phrase, “How can I help?”
  • Promises to avoid the phrase, “That’s not my job.”
  • Is able to interact well with varied personalities in person and by phone
  • Enjoys learning new concepts and procedures
  • Takes responsibility for his/her work
  • Is a team player who enjoys helping other employees and doesn’t mind asking for help
  • Promotes a team atmosphere and positive work environment


Employment Opportunities

We do not have any active postings at this time. Even so, if you think you’re a great fit for our firm, a resume accompanied by a cover letter telling us why is welcome by mail anytime. You never know when the right opportunity will present itself.