Premises Liability

Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have been injured because of a negligent or dangerous condition on public or private property, there may be a premises liability claim and we can help, call our team of experienced premises liability lawyers.

Most commonly these claims may involve slips, trips, or falls.  These types of claims may also be the result of dangerous wiring, roof collapse or other property defects.

Premises Liability

Although claims for injuries resulting from a slip and fall or other similar accident may sometimes be undisputed, premises liability cases are often more complicated than other claims, especially when it comes to determining fault.

The laws in both Kansas and Missouri are very specific regarding when a land owner can be held liable for injuries resulting from:

  • a defective or poorly maintained sidewalk or parking lot,
  • an attractive nuisance,
  • a wet or slippery floor,
  • or an inadequate effort at removing snow or ice from areas open to the public.

A little known fact, according to OSHA, on the job premises liability accidents are the second most common type of accidental deaths, accounting for roughly 15% nationally.

If you have questions regarding a premises liability case, please contact attorneys Andrew Speicher or Rick Morefield.