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Car accidents frequently lead to a variety of back and neck injuries ranging from soft tissue injury to severe spinal cord injury.  Depending on the type of back injury or neck injury you suffer in a vehicle crash, you may not realize the severity of your injury for several days following.  If you have any symptoms of a back or neck injury following a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, it’s a good idea to seek medical evaluation and treatment as soon as possible.

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Types of Back and Neck Injuries

Spinal Cord Injury

According to the United Spinal Association, there are approximately 17,000 new cases of spinal cord injury annually in the United States, with vehicle crashes being the current leading cause.  A spinal cord injury is damage to any part of the spinal cord or the nerves at the end of the spinal canal.  Extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, head, or back following a car accident is just one sign that you may have suffered a spinal cord injury.  You should seek immediate medical attention.  You can find more signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury on the Mayo Clinic’s website.

Herniated Disc

A car accident or fall can lead to disc herniation.  So what is a herniated disc?  North Kansas City Hospital’s website explains it as follows:

The bones (vertebrae) that form the spine in your back are cushioned by small, spongy discs.  When these discs are healthy, they act as shock absorbers for the spine and keep the spine flexible.  But when a disc is damaged, it may bulge or break open.

When the disc bulges out and pinches the nerves in your back, symptoms can include pain, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling in the extremities, and bowel and bladder problems.

Soft Tissue Back Injury

An acute soft tissue back injury is caused by trauma to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the back.  These injuries are commonly diagnosed as sprains, strains, and contusions with varying degrees of severity.  Most acute soft tissue back injuries can be relieved with conservative, non-surgical treatment although they may take months to a year to fully heal.  Other soft tissue injuries are serious and require therapy or other types of treatment to avoid permanent complications.  You should consult your primary care physician if you are experiencing pain, swelling, or bruising in your back following a car accident.

The above are just a few of the various types of back and neck injuries that can be suffered in a motor vehicle collision.  The information is not a substitute for a qualified medical evaluation.  If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, or after a traumatic injury caused by a dangerous or defective product, you should contact a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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It would be helpful to bring the following documents with you if you have them:

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  • Correspondence from the at-fault party, or his or her insurers, agents, or attorneys

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